"Maura Bain was of great assistance to me in helping me search for a home. This was not my first home buying experience as I have purchased four other homes, but this was by far the most enjoyable. Maura was excellent in determining my needs and wants and assisted me a great deal by guiding me to homes that were within or just above my financial means. She was able to answer my many questions and paired me up with competent mortgage services. She was tireless in our visits to many different properties so that I could get a feel for the prospective homes and she remained optimistic and energetic throughout the process.  Although I ultimately did not purchase a home, due to my own financial constraints, Maura left a lasting impression on me as to how a home buying experience should be and how a realtor should relate to a customer. Her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm are notable and were greatly appreciated and i would strongly recommend her services to anyone who is buying or selling a property."  C. Butler



"Maura Bain worked with me for several months to sell my house.  It had been on the market for six months with another realtor and agency, with no luck, so when I was ready to put it back on the market, I chose her instead of my other realtor. 

When Maura took over, I was greatly relieved, because it was obvious that #1 - she knew how to sell it, and #2 - was going to do way more than the average realtor to see that it sold. Her suggestions for making it more salable were excellent, she met an electrician and a plumber at the house when I couldn't, made phone calls to people to make sure they did what and when they were supposed to do, and was always positive, pleasant, and efficient.  After the sale, she even gave ME a gift!!!

I would highly recommend her skills and personality to anyone! " 

P. Martin




"Thank you for you’re your hard work and commitment!"  

F. Nawir

"Great Job in all categories!"

G. Michael